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Duomo di Firenze (Florence Cathedral)

Come and discover the beauty of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (Saint Mary of the Flower Cathedral) and the Battistero di San Giovanni (Saint John 's Baptistery)

Florence Cathedral is not only one of the undisputed symbols of the city, but it is also a direct representation of Italian art and culture.


The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (St. Mary of the Flower Cathedral), with its piazza and the nearby Battistero di San Giovanni (Saint John's Baptistery), is visited by thousands of tourists every year coming from all over the world.

A brief history of Florence


The origins of the Florence Cathedral derive from the ancient Cathedral of Santa Reparata, in an area also defined as a “sacred axis” just outside the Roman city walls. Works to enlarge this building and to make it look more similar to its current appearance started towards the end of 1200 and finished only when it was consecrated in 1436. It was a different story as regards to the facade that over the centuries had been altered according to different plans, until the works were finally completed in 1887.

Many sites of interest

Those who visit Piazza Duomo in Florence will have an incomparable visual impact. Within the space of some tens of metres you can see so many sites of interest, each of which, on its own, is already a valid reason for organizing a trip here:

Brunelleschi’s Dome
The Dome (Cupola) of Florence Cathedral leaves people stunned even today. Who knows how much Florentines of yesteryear were astonished and what they thought of it when they stood in the shadow of the largest dome in the world. The mastery with which Filippo Brunelleschi managed to erect it has remained one of the pillars of global architecture.

Giotto's Bell Tower
The construction works of the Bell Tower started at the same time as those of the Cathedral, towards the end of the 18th century. Its location, aligned with the Cathedral facade, confers its great centrality within the project. Every year, the Bell Tower is one of the most visited monuments in Florence, also because it was the great Giotto to carry out the initial works, until his death in 1337.

The Baptistery of St. John
Right in front of the Cathedral is the Baptistery of St. John which was built upon an ancient Roman domus, even if some people doubt that it was actually a true and proper pagan temple. Together with the ancient Church of Santa Maria del Fiore (St. Mary of the Flower), for many centuries, the Baptistery has represented the backbone of the city’s religiousness.

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Where are our apartments situated?

  • In the 19th century Poggio Imperiale Building overlooking Piazzale Porta Romana in front of the Boboli Gardens and the Medieval city walls
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  • In the San Frediano area, close to Lungarno
  • In the area close to the Basilica di Santa Croce (Basilica of the Holy Cross)
  • In the area near the Duomo (Cathedral)
  • In the area near the Church of Santa Maria Novella
  • In the countryside above Poggio Imperiale, in the Pozzolatico area